What are Fiddle quilts?

Fiddle Quilts are highly visual, tactile,  quick to make  quilts designed   to soothe and stimulate people living with dementia.   These small quilts,  incorporating fabrics with different textures and pictures, with pockets, flaps, zips etc added are ideal for people who have restless hands and like repetitive activities.  A Fiddle Quilt provides an excellent way to give fretful hands “something to do” while also providing visual and tactile stimulation and establishing an interest in something tangible. The best Fiddle quilts  are designed in a way that sparks memories and stimulates conversation about the person’s life and interests through careful choice of fabric and fiddly bits.

Benefits of Fiddle Quilts

For  people with dementia:

  • a stimulus and focus for conversation and private thoughts
  • a positive focus and soothing occupation for restless fingers
  • reduction of anxiety and distress

For carers, family and friends:

  • an opportunity to rediscover the interests of the person and reminisce about their life
  • a focus for conversation for visitors
  • respite from constant supervision and distraction from more destructive activities

For those making them:

  • the pleasure of creativity
  • the opportunity to make a difference
  • making something, whether simple or intricate, which is appreciated by the receiver

for some personal accounts see Stories

Why we have set up Fiddle Fingers Quilts; our approach

We want to promote the making of fabulous Fiddle Quilts in a learning and enabling style. This means bringing together and disseminating information about best practice in an accessible way, and providing direct support by doing talks and running workshops.  We are very grateful to the people we have already met in our travels from whom we have learnt an awful lot.

Getting started on making a Fiddle Quilt

For tips on making Memory/Fiddle quilts see  Hints and Tips

How to find out more in person

If you would like us to:

  • Do a talk
  • Run a workshop

please get in touch Contact

Help us spread the word

We would be really delighted to have some more photos if you make a quilt, so please send them to  fiddlefingersquilts@gmail.com so we can share them on here and on Facebook