Hints and Tips


Making Memory/Fiddle quilts

Memory/Fiddle quilts need to be:

  • Designed to include fabric and “fiddly bits” that will attract attention and prompt conversation
  • Small enough to be portable
  • Washable – or constructed  so any bits that aren’t washable can be detached

For more details, see our printable tips sheet below

Making Memory & Fiddle Quilts top tips – 2018

There are some pictures of examples on our Facebook page.

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You may already know someone who would benefit from having a quilt – if so you might find the POPP method (see Joan’s quilt below) helps you design it

If you are part of a group who wants to make several quilts you will need to find a care setting to donate them to. Whether you make the quilts or find the setting first is down to personal preference.

To find a care setting you can:

  • Ask friends and family for suggestions
  • Identify possibilities yourself through Internet search
  • Pick the brains of the local dementia specialists.

For more details see our printable tip sheet below

Finding beneficiaries – Top tips

How to make a quilt inspired by an individual

Joan’s Quilt

Inspired by Karen’s mother-in-law a lovely Yorkshire lady who died of vascular dementia- see how to design a quilt for a particular person via the link below

Fiddle Fingers Quilts goes POPP Joans quilt with photo

20170225_160908 (2)