Designs for or by individuals

For more photos of Linda Seward’s amazing quilt for Barney (above) and how she went about designing it;

Victor’s Fiddle Quilt – made by Judy Harris


Victor’s sister asked me to make him a quilt after seeing some fiddle quilts as part of my Oxforshire ArtWeeks show.  She requested that the following items were included to stimulate his memory and prompt conversation.

Top of the list was a Christian cross, to be central.  Then a pocket which his other sister would put in something from Africa and some African wildlife.

A Scottish clue,  a modern archery bow and a Jack Russell dog with a white face and black and brown ears – that felt the hardest to achieve but was actually good fun to make!

I added some tactile pieces, the buttons, zip, prairie points etc.

The quilt is about to be sent to Victor and I hope he likes it.

Some blocks made by Julia Oakshott (a Montpellier quilter)

Some of the button ones are on elastic, hair bands can also be pulled and a teddy is hiding in a mesh bag that once held washing tablets!




Horses – racing – Cheltenham Gold cup; Lassie; She and her husband in the navy; Blackbird (used to feed Ratty Tatty);


Sweet tooth ; Likes girly things and colours; Sequins; Sailing  boats; Cats


likes bright and girly


Sweet tooth; music; flowers and plants


Made by Linda Seward for Ken

Made by Linda Seward for Urania