Dementia: Information and Support

See below for brief details of a range of organisations which offer information advice and/or support to people affected by Dementia. You will recognise some of them, others are newer and less well known – we are not recommending any of them – just aiming to provide a starting point if you need information advice and/or support.

If you know of other useful organisations not listed here please do let us know by using our Contact page

Organisations are organised alphabetically under the following headings

  • Diagnosis and support
  • Information and advice for anyone affected by dementia
  • Clothing and equipment
  • Other services

Diagnosis and support

Your local GP

If the GP is unsure about the diagnosis after examining the patient and doing some tests they should be able to arrange a referral to a specialist.  Where patients have a diagnosis of dementia the GP should arrange to see them from time to time to see how they are getting on.

Your local authority

Local authorities provide care and support needs assessment for people who are finding it difficult to look after themselves. A needs assessment can be arranged by calling your local authority and asking to speak to social services. Following the assessment, your local authority will let you know what services it has to meet any  needs identified and whether there will be a charge or not. Local authorities also provide Carers Assessments to consider what support carers might need.

Information and advice for anyone affected by Dementia

Age UK


Age UK can provide advice about what help is available for dementia sufferers and their families. They can also advise how to deal with social services, what financial help is available and how to keep legal affairs in order.

Contact the advice line on 0800 169 65 65

Alzheimer’s Research UK

Alzheimer’s Research UK is the UKs leading dementia research charity. It offers information and advice through its resources and Infoline. It can help connect you with research projects if you want to get involved in research.

Alzheimer’s Society


The Alzheimer’s Society offers information, advice and support for people with dementia and their families through its resources and local groups.

Their website helps find dementia support services being run in your local area such as dementia cafes and befriending services. They operate an online community where people can get advice, share experiences and connect.

Contact their national dementia helpline on 0300 222 11 22

Carers Direct

An online and telephone service providing information advice and support for carers.

Carers Trust

Carers Trust has a UK wide network of about 150 local carers centres providing information, advice and support to carers. Crossroad care schemes are a network of about 75 local independent charities providing support to carers and the people they care for, often through the provision care in the home to allow the carer to have break.

Carers UK

Carers UK offers information and support to carers and campaigns for better help for those who take on a caring role.

Dementia Action Alliance

Dementia Action Alliance brings together leading organisations across England committed to transforming health and social care outcomes for people affected by dementia. Each region has a local alliance.

Dementia UK

Dementia UK provides specialist dementia support for families through their Admiral Nurse service. When things get challenging or difficult for people with dementia and their families, Admiral Nurses work alongside them, giving the one-to-one support, expert guidance and practical solutions people need. The Admiral Nurse Dementia Helpline is open every day. There is also an email helpline

Join dementia research

The National Institute of Health Research in partnership with Alzheimer Scotland, Alzheimer’s Research UK and Alzheimer’s Society have developed ‘Join dementia research’, a new service which allows people to register their interest in participating in dementia research and be matched to suitable studies. It invites people who have a dementia diagnosis and those who do not have any memory problems to register. Visit the website for more information.

NHS Choices website:
Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia are listed separately in the Health A-Z section

Clothing and equipment



A company selling clothes which may make it easier to get dressed when you have dementia or dress the person you care for. For example, they sell open back trousers, shirts, blouses, dresses, skirts and nighties.

Contact ADAPTAWear on 0800 051 1931, 8.30am – 6pm, Monday to Friday.

The Complete Care Shop


The Complete Care Shop offers care equipment for elderly and disabled people, including washing, dressing and comfort aids, and personal care.

Contact The Complete Care Shop on 0845 5194 734, 8.30am – 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Modern Living Aids


Modern Living Aids has a selection of incontinence products and living aids, and bed and chair protection products to protect bedding, mattresses and chairs. Phone and online orders taken

Contact Modern Living Aids on 0800 043 0852.

Nottingham Rehab Supplies


A national company selling daily living aids including grab rails, bath seats and eating and drinking aids. Phone and online orders taken

Contact Nottingham Rehab Supplies on 0345 121 8111 from 8.30am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.


Website: is a website that offers specialised products for people living with dementia. Items range from health and wellbeing products and gifts to mobility and hygiene. It also offers advice and an online community. Phone and online orders taken

Contact Unforgettable on 0203 322 9070 from 8am – 8pm, seven days a week.

Other Services

Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice provides free, confidential and independent advice to help people overcome their problems including benefits, health and family issues. They aim to be a voice for their clients and consumers on the issues that matter to them. Information and advice services are provided to face, over the phone, by email and webchat – search the website for your local service.  The national HQ in London leads on campaigns

Dementia Adventures

A social enterprise which runs small group short breaks and holidays for people living with dementia and their carers. They offer an alternative to traditional respite as their short breaks mean people living with dementia can get outdoors, connect with nature and retain a sense of adventure in their lives.
Call 01245 237548 for general enquiries.

Pathways Through Dementia

A charity which helps people plan ahead for dementia. It is dedicated to helping people unravel the legalities of the dementia journey such as paying for care, managing finances and welfare benefits. They have a legal helpline


Rare dementia support

Rare Dementia Support runs specialist support services for individuals living with, or affected by, one of five rare dementia diagnoses: frontotemporal dementia (FTD), posterior cortical atrophy (PCA), primary progressive aphasia (PPA), familial Alzheimer’s disease (FAD) and familial frontotemporal dementia (fFTD). General enquiries can be made by phone or online